• Air Services

    Rescue 7 is operated by SEMAAD with thousands of life saving air medical missions. — Aviation Services are provided by Med-Trans Corporation.

  • Billing

    Our billing representatives are standing by to take care of all of your billing and accounting needs.

  • Operations

    AAA is very proud to have 15 years of trauma management included in its long list of accomplishments.

  • Education

    AAA amplified its scope of services many years ago with the development of an in house education department.

  • Maintenance

    AAA provides support to over 50 emergency transport vehicles and 300 operators.

  • Trauma

    50 years of service has included the responsibility of 44 years of R7 air medical response.

  • Dispatch

    Communications is everything, especially in emergencies, and AAA has been communicating for 50 years.

  • EMS Hosting Services

    EMS Hosting services include EMSERV, Wave Radio, and additional emergency related services.

  • Information Technology

    Using a vast array of cutting edge technologies, all IT systems are coordinated around the clock.